Language Instruction Administrative Assistant

LOD is seeking a full-time Language Instruction Administrative Assistant in Japan.


賃金Please let us know your desired rate with your resume.
勤務日・勤務時間Mon - Fri: 0930-1730
Schedule: 40 hours/week plus OT (as needed) / Mon – Fri: 0900-1730
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Support the company/Language Instruction Program manager with administrative duties in order to comply with language training program requirements
• Recruit qualified language instructors for classes and maintain good relationships with staff and instructors
• Requires knowledge of a wide range of concepts, principles, and techniques of training combined with knowledge of language training programs in order to perform difficult and complex work assignments
• Find suitable classroom facilities and arrange logistics as needed
• Respond to emails and inquiries in a timely, friendly, and professional manner.
• Ensure the accuracy of information in reports, timesheets, payment information, and other documents.
• Follow the language instruction work instruction
• Control expense within approved budget
• Coordinate class schedules and receive feedback from client for continuous improvement
• Monitor instructor performance, including annual performance reviews and set instructor goals and objectives
• Need to be creative with online tools in the event such resources are exhausted
• Make a payment for insurances/bills/other matters after receiving the notification card. LOD will send a payment to our bank account in Japan.

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
• Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication, presentation, and technical communication skills
• Fluent in English or fluent in Japanese and some translation work may be involved
• Experience with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
• Be able to find suitable classroom facilities around the Japan
• Be able to recruit qualified instructors
• Be able to travel domestic and/or international
• Be able to prioritize tasks, work under deadlines, and juggle multiple tasks/assignments

Success Traits:
• Detail oriented and well organized
• Able to work in a fast paced environment and to do multi-task
• High level of motivation and initiative
• Must be honest, respectful, cooperative, and be of a good character
• Must be positive with the highest degree of professionalism

Salary and Benefits:
• Salary will be determined based on an experience
• Health insurance provided


企業名 Language on Demand, Inc.
Language on Demand, Inc. is a government contracting firm located in Northern Virginia that offers a full range of language/staffing services including translation, interpretation, and Language instruction for federal and commercial clients.
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