Medical Translator in Okinawa

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LOD is seeking for part-time Japanese medical translators to support the U.S military agency’s medical group in Japan.


2020年:8月10, 14, 28, 9月21日, 11月3, 23, 12月28, 29, 30, 31
2021年:1月1, 2, 3, 2月1, 7月27
資格・経験- Be proficient in English and Japanese and have an in-depth understanding of medical terminology
- Must have a valid driver’s license
- Must have a certification in related field
- Be capable of effectively communicating with patients and Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) staff.
- Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) score: 740 or higher OR Equivalent level as the above TOEIC Score such as Eiken Pre-First level, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) internet-based test (IBT) 82, TOEFL computer base test (CBT) 217 and TOEFL paper base test (PBT) 554.
A Japanese Language Proficiency Test of Results and Score of at least N2 or equivalent certificate are required for non-native Japanese speakers. The Government will accept a Japanese STEMP Score with a Benchmark Level of 8 (Advance-Mid) as an equivalent to the Language Proficiency Test certificate of Results and Score of N2. Any other possible equivalent certification of language certificate, not listed above, will be submitted to and approved by the Contracting Officer.
- Shall have taken Medical Terminology course with a grade “C” or above or worked as a full time Medical Translator for at least one (1) year.
- While on duty, contract personnel shall be neat and clean, well-groomed, and dressed appropriately. Contract personnel’s clothing shall fit correctly to provide a professional, modest appearance in keeping with the normally accepted community standards of dress for the work being performed. In all cases, clothing shall be neat and clean. This includes being free from visible dirt and stains.
- Personnel shall perform duties in accordance with the Medical Treatment Facility’s (MTF) operating instructions. Changes or deviations from established objectives for services shall not be made without prior recommendation to, and approval of, the MTF Commander or authorized representative.
- All contractor personnel shall conduct performance under this contract in a professional and respectable manner.
On Site Medical Translator. Contractor personnel shall function as the primary patient translator and liaison for the MTF.
- On Site Medical Translator shall maintain event logs containing translation requests, and other events. It shall be submitted upon request to the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) or the Contracting Officer (CO).
- On Site Medical Translator shall accept and review translation request from the MTF.
Translate medical statements for outpatient, inpatient and emergency procedures to take to Japanese clinics and doctors.
- Translate meetings between MTF Operations and other off-base Japanese facilities concerning agreements for proper patient acceptance and billing of medical care given to the patients.
Translate medical/clinical information written in English and/or Japanese for customers of the MTF. These translation duties may include translating documents and information received from medical professionals in the Japanese community.
- Translate Japanese technical medical information with Japanese case manager and/or provider(s)’ oversight into English for various MTF projects and programs.
- Translate for the executive staff, medical providers, case managers and other MTF personnel, as required and after visiting hospital or transfers of patients’ off-base.
- Translate emergency diagnostic tests and treatment and any medically related information that requires translation by the MTF.
- Translate MTF payment procedures to off base facilities and provide necessary paperwork required by off-base facilities.
- Liaison Tasks/Translation. (For routine/non-emergent off-base medical appointments)
Function as the primary patient transfer liaison between medical disaster teams and accepting Japanese medical facility, as needed, during Emergency Management (EM) scenarios and exercises.
- The on-call Medical Trainer is required to report to the MTF within 30 minutes from receipt of notification for emergency and 45 minutes for non-emergency. Time from call/notification/in person to presence at the MTF shall not exceed above stated time.
- The translator shall accompany the MTF medical team in the ambulance during emergency transfers to host nation medical facilities. A medical transfer involves the patient, medical team, and assigned translator. In case of a transfer where an ambulance is not used or there is no space in the ambulance, the assigned translator shall provide his/her vehicle to follow the patient to local the medical facility.
- Translate all required information to facilitate the transfer, in-processing, care and out-processing of patients requiring medical care at local medical facilities.
- Provide feedback within 72 hours on any translation activity dealing with the transfer of patients during and after patient care is rendered.


企業名 Language on Demand, Inc.
Language on Demand, Inc. is a government contracting firm located in Northern Virginia that offers a full range of language/staffing services including translation, interpretation, and Language instruction for federal and commercial clients.
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